The long-awaited PlayStation 5 was unveiled by Sony on weekdays at an event watched by the world.


 The game console's design attracted a lot of attention and many comments were made on it, although no information could be obtained about the price discussed. 

The Playstation 5, which has been talked about in the Video game industry for years, was finally unveiled at an event organised by Japanese tech giant Sony. The design of the PS5 has been quite vocal, although no clear explanation has yet come about the much-fancied price of the game console. After the launch, the game lovers were divided into those who liked the design and those who did not like it. The final response to the criticism came from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President Jim Ryan.

President Ryan explained where the console's design came from, how it came out, and what idea it was the product of. Ryan emphasized that the product found in people's living spaces should be stylish, and expressed that they want to make the design an object that people will want to exhibit. Immediately after this announcement, game lovers revealed a few minor details of the console's design that only careful eyes could discover.

The outer texture of the console is covered with many small symbols:

PS5 logos take up a lot of space in the details revealed by PlayStation fans. Small details on the texture of both the PS5 and the auxiliary accessories seem to have completed the design. After the publication of the photos of the symbols found, many comments have been made that the small symbols look quite elegant and complementary.

These details seem to have pleased PlayStation fans after PlayStation's Global Head of marketing and Consumer Experience, Eric Lempel, announced that there are some beautiful and surprising features waiting for gamers to design the console. In general, the company's statement about the design is that they want to make a bold and stylish product. When we look at the console's current comments after the reactions about the exterior appearance of the first stage, it seems that a generally positive mood prevails. But still the most curious thing for the PS5 is of course the price. The announcement on the price is expected to be made in the coming days.