Burger King To Distribute 1,000 PlayStation 5 In U.S.

Burger King To Distribute 1,000 PlayStation 5 In U.S.


Fast food restaurant chain Burger King today revealed the reason for the PS5 sharing, which it revealed yesterday via its social media account. The company will distribute 1,000 PS5S to its customers in the US.

Burger King, one of the world-famous fast food restaurant chains, shared the opening sound heard at a Future of Gaming event promoting Sony's new PlayStation 5 console in a video shared on its Twitter account the other day, marking October 15. This sharing was generally interpreted as the way the PS5's interface would be introduced on this date, but today the reason for this sharing has been revealed.

Burger King has struck a deal with console giant Sony for a major PS5 event. Along with this agreement, the restaurant chain will distribute 1,000 PS5 consoles to its customers. As part of this US-specific campaign, 1,000 people will be given a PS5 console from customers who order more than $ 5 from Burger King's restaurant or mobile app. Burger King, which will give customers 1 entry token on orders in accordance with the rule, announced that customers can receive 1 Token every day.

PS5 isn't the only prize

Burger King will distribute the game code 2000 SackbotTM: a Big Adventure in conjunction with this campaign. In addition, Burger King, which will give 2000 Demon's Souls and 1000 3-month PlayStation Now subscriptions, unfortunately does not organize such a campaign in our country, although it makes an extremely beautiful campaign.

Social media power in iburger King - Sony partnership

This campaign, organized as a result of the agreement of two giant companies, also proves how strong social media has become in recent years. Burger King, which created expectations with its PS5 event music the day before, also managed to lay a solid foundation for the campaign news it released today.