Microsoft again reveals why Edge can't be removed from Windows 10

Microsoft again reveals why Edge can't be removed from Windows 10


Microsoft has given some new explanations as to why Chromium-based Edge could not be removed. Edge is an important part of Windows, officials say, and users can also use different internet browsers. Microsoft, in its statements, implies that Chromium should be accepted. 

US-based tech giant Microsoft has been the focus of backlash for some time because of its Chromium-based Internet browser Edge, which it released in early 2020. Because the company recently made Chromium-based Edge mandatory for users with an update that it offered to Windows 10 users. In other words, this Internet Browser is automatically installed with the update, and it could not be removed from the system again.

Microsoft: Edge is an important part of Windows

In a statement, Microsoft says that Chromium-based Edge is the recommended and default Internet Browser for Windows 10. Adding that edge is an important part of the Windows ecosystem, Microsoft makes it clear that they will continue to update Edge to provide users with better compatibility, performance, and accessibility.

"If you want, you can change your default browser"

Microsoft's descriptions of Edge are not limited to them. The company says the new Edge gives users full authority, adding that importing data from other browsers is easier than ever. In addition, Windows users can also install another Internet Browser if they want, Microsoft said, adding that the default browser can be changed.

There is an interesting detail in the statements made by Microsoft. However, Microsoft has said that Edge is an important part of the Windows ecosystem, and that it will continue to update this software. In fact, this sentence seems to contain a message sent to users. Apparently, Microsoft will reinstall this Internet Browser even if users manage to remove Edge. In short, liberation from Chromium-based Edge probably won't be possible.

Need to get rid of Microsoft Edge?

Actually, there's not much need to get rid of Microsoft Edge. Because the company offered classic edge before Chromium-based Edge, and before that Internet Explorer pre-installed. Users either use these internet browsers or download the browsers they want using these internet browsers. In short, such a situation also applies to Chromium Edge. Also, if you have fears about your data, you should remember that Microsoft is more transparent about it, that you can prevent your data from being collected by using settings in the browser. So trying to get rid of Chromium-based Edge is not such a big deal.