PlayStation's Stunning Value From In-Game Purchases Announced

PlayStation's Stunning Value From In-Game Purchases Announced


Well, I guess everybody's guessing that micro payments bring big revenues to companies. But micro payments account for the biggest revenue item in Sony's gaming and network services, according to the new financial report.

Micro payments, which were subsequently introduced into the game world, have reached a point where they are criticized by many players today. But with this method, the revenues of publishers and companies are at a stunning level.

April 2020 June 2020 period, Sony's latest financial report was released today.the company's latest financial report, covering the period between April 2020 and June 2020, was released. The report showed the proportion of console hardware, package software, digital software, additional content, subscriptions and other revenue items

Share of micro payments 41 %

sony 2020 Year 1.quarter revenue items From April June 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020, Sony generated 41% of its revenues from DLC, micropayment and other in – Game acquisitions. The company's total revenue here is $ 2.29 billion.

Looking at the company's other revenue items, the console side has $ 520 million in revenue, which accounts for 9% of its total revenue. Another low revenue item for the company is packaged software with a 6% share and $ 350 million in revenue. On the PlayStation Store, however, sales continue to rise. Digital software is at the point the company's second-largest revenue item. The digital software item, which accounted for 24% of revenue, brought in $ 1.37 billion in revenue.

The company's largest revenue item was the so-called supplementary ingredients. This item, which included DLC, micropayments and in-game purchases, accounted for 41% of revenues. It would be a lot of optimism to think that such a large revenue item will soon come out of the gaming world.